Derek V. Schmalenberger

The first step toward getting what you want is preparing to receive it.

The wakefulness we give to things we don't like is wakefulness we can't give to things we do like.

Stagnation is a problem that leads to more problems.

You are what you are choosing to be.

By Others

Hatred never ends through hatred. By non-hatred alone does it end.

→ Buddha

Dwelling on the faults of others adds to your own.

→ Buddha

People are disturbed not by things, but by the view they take on them.

→ Epictetus

The whole is something else than the sum of its parts.

→ Kurt Koffka

Saying what we don’t want, doesn’t make clear what we do want; but worse than that, if we frame our objectives in getting rid of something, it leads to violence very often.

→ Marshall B. Rosenberg

Only when we have a healthy relationship with self can we expect to have healthy relationships with others.

→ Paul Chek

More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.

→ Charlie Chaplin

The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.

→ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

→ Buddha

You could not prevent a thunderstorm, but you could use the electricity; you could not direct the wind, but you could trim your sail so as to propel your vessel as you pleased, no matter which way the wind blew.

→ Cora L. V. Hatch


Tastes differ.

Peace starts within.

Only a fool knows everything.